Farmer's Journal

  • Health, Moralism, and the Victory of God

    February 12, 2014

    Self-admittedly I live in a subculture that would not be the norm for the majority of the US.  I’ll spare everyone the examples but the majority of my friends are into what they would call health and wellness (sub whatever words you wish here, local eating, organic, paleo, alternative medicine... the list goes on).  I myself am a product of this...

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  • Heritage Chicken Soy/GMO Free

    Heritage Chicken Soy/GMO Free

    Pastured, GMO and Soy free poultry. 

    Frozen and bagged.  

    Whole birds broilers are 3 pounds minimum. 


    Heritage Turkey

    Heritage Turkey

    Heritage Brozen, White Holland, and Narragansett Turkey's. 

    email us regarding a Turkey as reservations have been cut off ...



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