East of Eden pasture raised pork is sold by the quarter, half, and whole animal. Animals are processed by a WSDA certified mobile processor and butcher. Please pay your deposit now to reserve a share for mid-November pick-up. In October, we will contact you to decide how you want your pork cut and prepared - bacon, sausage, ham, chops, roasts, etc!


We expect our final price for a quarter share of pork to be $5.50/lb hanging weight plus a cut and wrap fee which is covered by your deposit. For sausage there is an additional charge of $0.50/lb and for bacon $1.00/lb additional. So for example, if your quarter share turns out to be 50 pounds hanging weight and of that you want 10 pounds into bacon and 10 pounds into sausage, you would pay $275+$10+$5 for a total of $290 (the cut and wrap fee is already covered by your deposit). Feel free to contact us with any questions or to come see your pig before you buy.

Quarter Pig Deposit

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  • Here at East of Eden we are raising the highest quality pork for our friends and neighbors. Our pigs are free to root and roam, living on lush green pasture with unlimited access to food, water, shelter, and friends. Our pigs play an essential role on the farm, helping to cultivate new ground and fertilize the fields. They're diet is 100% vegetarian, a mix of forage, spent brewers grain, whole fruits and veggies, and all natural, non-GMO grain feed from the Skagit Valley. Based on numerous customer reviews and our own culinary experiences, we find East of Eden pork to be the most delicious and nutritious pork we've ever eaten.