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The Farm

Our farm is a working example of local agro-ecology. We cultivate new ground and build our soil fertility with the help of our chickens and pigs. We practice crop rotation, cover cropping and seasonal soil testing. We only use organically approved soil amendments to ensure that our produce is as healthy and nutrient dense as it looks. 

We compost horse manure, food scraps and garden waste to keep the nutrient cycle localized and aim to reduce tillage and off-farm amendments as much as possible. 

Our animals are rotated on pasture and receive the utmost care and respect throughout their lives. We believe that healthy, happy animals are also the most delicious and nutritious. 

In an effort to reduce the overall CO2 footprint of farming we are producing all of our own diesel fuel comprised of 80% waste vegetable oil collected from local restaurant partners. (The other 20% of biodiesel is comprised of methanol, which is necessary for the fuel to combust in modern diesel engines.)

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