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East of Eden Pasture Raised Pigs


Here at East of Eden we are raising high quality pork for our friends and neighbors. Our pigs are free to root and roam, living on lush green pasture with unlimited access to food, water, shelter, and friends. The pig pasture is right off Patton road so visitors to the farmstand can easily stop by to see and reserve their animal.

Our pigs play an essential role on the farm. They eat a mix of forage, spent brewers grain, whole fruits and veggies, and all natural, non-GMO grain feed from the Skagit Valley. Right now they are helping to cultivate new ground and fertilize the fields. Eventually they will live within our orchard and play a crucial role in the nutrient cycling of the farm.

What does an East of Eden pork share look like?

East of Eden pork shares are available in quarters, halves, and wholes. That means you reserve a share of one of our animals in advance and choose how much of the finished weight you wish to purchase. The actual amount of meat that you end up with (the cut and wrapped weight) is usually about 75% of the hanging weight. For example, if your pig grows until October and comes in at 200 pounds hanging weight and you reserve the whole animal, your total cut and wrapped meat will be about 150 pounds. Of this total, there are many different cuts of meat including value added products such as sausage and bacon. After you reserve your share, at the time of processing, you will be in touch with the butcher to give your preferences such as how much bacon and sausage you want versus other cuts of meat.  Click here for a useful diagram showing the various cuts and average amounts for each. 

What will it cost?

We expect our final price for pork to be $5.50/lb. hanging weight. The cut and wrap (butchering) fee is covered by your deposit. For sausage there is an additional charge of $0.50/lb. and for bacon $1.00/lb. additional. So for example, if your quarter share turns out to be 50 pounds hanging weight and of that you want 5 pounds into bacon and 10 pounds into sausage, you would pay $275+$5+$5 for a total of $285 (plus your $25 deposit which covers the butchering fee). Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please use the links below to reserve your quarter, half or whole - and please reserve early!

Still have questions? Contact us! 

(917) 284-2754

Thanks for your interest in East of Eden Farm pork!

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