Welcome to (Y)our Community!

Here at East of Eden we are always looking for ways to deepen and grow the farm-as-community.  We want to be a HUB FOR LOCAL FOOD AND LOCAL COMMUNITY.  That means in addition to growing and preparing delicious organic food, we want to be a space for community building events and classes, and work to provide our little corner of Whatcom county with fun, healthy, and inspiring stuff to do and eat...so we don't have to go "town" quite so often and so we can rely on each other a bit more!


Our long term plan is to build a farm center (barn) on the property with a certified kitchen, farm store, and multipurpose space to host events and workshops that are meaningful for our local communities. In the meantime, before we have the resources and expertise to build this building, we hope to use the whole farm as our venue for community building, making creative use of the farm's outdoor spaces and natural features to get people stoked about hyper local food + community here in Whatcom County! In the meantime, we've created a few events and classes for 2020 to get the ball rolling and stay connected. Please RSVP below and if you have suggestions or would like to be a facilitator or local expert, please get in touch with us here.

Upcoming Farm-Community Events!

  • June Volunteer Work Party
    Sat, Jun 19
    East of Eden Farm
    Jun 19, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    East of Eden Farm, 4972 Patton Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226, USA
    Get your hands dirty for a few hours and join the party! The volunteer work party is an afternoon of fun and fulfilling farm work that helps our farm grow and connects us to each other. Afterwards we can have a meal or some drinks together to say wahoo and thanks for a job well done!